On Saturday May 4, a sunny weekend in Lagos, students from Greenspring Montessori Center GMC went on a field trip to the Lekki Conservation Centre as part of their Cultural Subjects curriculum course. Leaving the city’s hustle behind, they arrived at the serene reserve, natural habitat; welcomed by towering trees and different species of animals. Following a motivational speech from their program director, Mr. Uwagboe, they embarked on a journey along the wooden walkway. The highlight was the Canopy Walkway, offering breathtaking views of the forest. They explored deeper into the reserve, played games, and observed nature, including monkeys, peacocks and few aquatic animals. The day ended with the students returning home, their hearts filled with gratitude and memories of the wonders they experienced.

Francisca Sam-Epelle

GMC 2023 Sept. Part Time cohort